The Road Ahead…..

We are just about a week and a bit into 2021 as I sit down to write this blog post. It is a New Year and this comes with the usual hope, dreams and resolutions. 2020 was a challenging year for most, as the world was hit with an unprecedented and unplanned event resulting in a very different world from what most people were familiar with. It was a trying time for people, families, businesses, educational institutions, governments, etc. 

Due to disruption in the educational sector as a result of the pandemic in 2020, Yellow Rose Launch Pad (YRLP) was unable to undertake the annual scholarship scheme as part of the LAUNCH scheme which is a competitive scheme open to senior secondary school students studying STEM subjects. The awardees of this scheme are selected based on academic performance and demonstration of personal leadership. This scheme is expected to be reinstated this year.

In order to continue with YRLP’s outreach despite the impact of the pandemic, YRLP set up the LIFT scheme in 2020 which is open to girls at all levels of secondary school who are at risk of not continuing in full time education due to adverse socio-economic factors. These factors are include but not limited to the following: a lack of funds, domestic or emotional abuse, threat of early marriage, teenage pregnancy, and homelessness. YRLP collaborated with a local charity CEE-HOPE to provide and distribute ‘Keepgirlsinschool’ kits, with each kit comprising of writing materials, sandals, reading lamp and 6 months’ supply of sanitary pads. These kits were distributed to girls at risk across the country. It is an initiative that YRLP is very proud of.

We do not know what the year 2021 will bring, but we hope it is a year full of hope, healing, restoration and progress. As for YRLP, we will continue to support young girls through both our LAUNCH and LIFT schemes.

To our existing ‘yellow roses’ and all the young girls out there, we repeat the slogan ‘Dream big because you can do it’.

Happy New Year!!! everyone and may the road ahead be bright.

Yvonne (on behalf of YRLP team)

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