Success and Motivation

There are many definitions of success, but I like this one that says that success can be defined as impacting the world with the investments of your personality. This means you must invest in your personality and with that investment; you will be able to impact the world around you. When it comes to investing in yourself, you must determine what type of information you put into yourself; be it through the materials you read and or through the people you listen to. Why? Because it is important to choose what you feed your mind because that will affect who you will become eventually. Who do you want to be like? What kind of impact do you want to make? Understanding the answers to these questions can immediately help you to streamline the type of information that you allow yourself to imbibe.

Section 4 on the YRLP application form poses a question about role models because we want young ladies to identify those individuals who inspire them in one way or the other through their works and achievements so that you can aspire to become successful in your life. A key step in developing yourself is to identify the characteristics you appreciate in your role model/s and find out more about their life journey so that you can learn from their mistakes and success, and then take the necessary action to meet your life goals. For example, if you are a young girl who wants to pursue a career in Engineering, it would be useful to use your network, including that of your parents and friends to identify females in the engineering industry, to observe what they have done and are doing, and learn from them. You could also read articles written by these women, study their work or find a way to reach out to them under parental supervision (for children in secondary school) to get some guidance.

Everyone says that the youth are the hope of the future; rightly said but you should also narrow it down to yourself: I am the hope of the future. Then you begin to ask the right questions; if truly I am the hope of the future, then what actions do I need to take now that I am young to build towards my desired future. As you ask yourself this vital question, remember that people who have invested in developing themselves in the past are now inspiring others and motivating them through that investment. The key message here is to take time to think about the investments that you can make into developing your personality and take action now.

Refuse to listen to the voices of doubts and determine to make a success out of your life. Become inspired and motivated by the success of others. Be hopeful about the future and never be afraid.

Written by Chidinma Ozulumba

Yellow Rose Ambassador

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