Hey Yellow Roses, I recently watched a Netflix movie titled ’Diamonds in the Sky’. I really think you should see it, but before you do let me have a chit-chat with you about it. The movie is about a group of young ladies who made wrong assumptions about health issues they were experiencing. They didn’t think these conditions were that serious. Turns out those assumptions were wrong, and if they had acted quicker they would have avoided some pain.

You know that moment when you notice something has changed about your body. I am not talking about the short term changes that females experience with periods. Rather I am speaking about changes which have persisted for a while without any explainable reason. Like when you notice a swollen lump in your breast tissue, but you dismiss it as a normal boil when it could be breast cancer, or when you dismiss your experience of consistent and painful menstrual pain as being normal without realising that it could be polycystic ovary syndrome or worse cervical cancer. That’s the whole point of the movie.

You see we ladies experience a wide range of health challenges especially as we get older. This is a more urgent reason why we need to schedule and attend hospital check-ups regularly and also visit the hospital immediately we notice any strange body development because acting fast may stop more serious health impacts or at least reduce the effect before it takes full hold.

Health they say is wealth. So if you have access to health care, please ask your parents to schedule you in for a general health check-up today.

Thank me later.