About Us

Our Vision

We want to create a world where the value of females is fully embraced and unleashed to contribute to all aspects of societal development. We are working to achieve equal access to opportunity for females and seek to establish a culture where competence rather than gender is the criteria for success. Our vision is of a society where every man, woman and child can fully maximise their potential and achieve greatness within their unique situation.

Our Mission

We at Yellow Rose Launch Pad are working to increase female representation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), as an enabler for achieving gender diversity in the higher paid sectors of the Nigerian economy. Though Nigeria is our current area of focus, our ultimate mission is to support the development of females who will go on to become change makers across the world.

The Founders

Yellow Rose Launch Pad was started by Yvonne Amanchukwu and Anuli Marshall – both Engineers. They are passionate about dispelling gender misconceptions about STEM study and are seeking to increase female representation in these fields of endeavor. Yvonne and Anuli are convinced that the scientific and engineering solutions of the future need to reflect the diversity within the worlds population. They believe that the participation of females in STEM is essential to unlock more innovative and creative solutions required to solve complex challenges facing humanity.

What Yellow Rose is About

All Yellow Rose Launch Pad programs are aimed at giving young females who we call our yellow roses the opportunity to complete their education in STEM subjects. We are working to develop ethical leadership in young females and to provide access to experiences that will broaden their thinking.

This investment will position them to compete for highly paid jobs in STEM industries, or to start-up their own enterprise. We will also work more closely with selected candidates to develop critical thinking, good decision making and tenacity, to create the leadership mind-set that will underpin our Alumni going on to be change makers.

Yellow Rose Launchpad offers a range of support to young females including financial scholarships, group coaching, sign posting to training material and competitions and experience days. Information about our current schemes on offer can be found here.

Science is not a boy's game, it's not a girl's game. It's everyone's game. It's about where we are and where we're going.

Nichelle Nichols, former NASA Ambassador and Star Trek actress.

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