2019 Yellow Roses selected

Chinedu Praise of UNN Secondary School Nsukka
Chidimma of UNN Secondary School Nsukka

YRLP is pleased to announce the award of financial scholarships to 5 successful candidates in 2019, including Chidimma and Chinedu Praise pictured above.

We are truly amazed at the caliber of candidates that we had the pleasure to interview this year. We are filled with excitement from discovering the amazing young female talent that exists in Nigeria, and we have been energized by their confidence and ambition to succeed . These young ladies demonstrated a spirit of academic excellence and spoke powerfully about their achievements to date, and their future potential.

It is only the second year of our operation, and we were delighted to receive applications from outside Lagos. We want more young girls to know that this is not a Lagos or Abuja-centered scheme, and anyone can apply. Our structure and use of technology will allow any female with access to the internet to be able to apply and compete for a place on the scheme.

We have an exciting year ahead planned for the girls. Our plan is to help our yellow roses develop soft skills that will help them to be truly competitive in globalized markets of the future. If you are interested in becoming a yellow rose of the future, or you know a young girl who could benefit, please find out the details of how to apply here

Many congratulations to the 5 successful candidates including Chidimma and Chinedu Praise pictured in this post, and wishing you all the best for the year ahead.