Application for 2019 Award Closes

We Are So Excited!!!

You are probably thinking ‘why’? Well, I will tell you. We have just concluded the application phase for the 2019 scholarship award, and guess what? We received more than double the number of applications this year compared to last year. That is absolutely amazing.

The team have put in a lot of work into this and we are so pleased with the young ladies who are interested in a STEM career, taking on the challenge to prove to themselves and to us that they are high caliber academic performers, and are willing to dig deep into themselves to tell us who they are and why they are worth the investment.

Some of the applicants may not make the final stage to get the financial award, however they are still champions. They are champions because they took on the challenge, they are champions because they said to themselves, ‘I can do this’. So well done to all our champions and we at YRLP are wishing all applicants the best of luck. Alright champions, see below information on the timeline and what to expect next:

Applications sorted and reviewed – 16th July to 5th August.

Interview of selected candidates/requests for additional information – 10th-25th August.

Successful applicants informed – 26th to 31st August.

Successful candidates submit payment details for schools, payments made and candidates informed – 1st to 15th September.

Due to the fact that YRLP is run by a group of volunteers in full time employment, we may not be able to advise applicants if they have been unsuccessful. However, if you have been successful in the first stage, expect to hear from a member of the team early in August to set up an interview with you.

All the best.